Just like the toys on Toy Story were all unique and beautiful toys, we are all unique and beautiful people.

"We are all your, unique, and beautiful toys."

Toy Story 4


This quote reminds me a lot of Psalms 139:14:

"I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works,

And that my soul knows very well."

Psalms 139:14

When we look in the mirror, it’s easy to see ourselves as the world tries to define us instead of how our creator defines us. The world tries to tell us that we are not beautiful. It tries to tell us that we don’t have a purpose and we aren’t good enough. Yet, God says something so much different.


God says He put you in this world for a reason. He says you do have a purpose and you are capable of fulfilling it. God says that you are beautiful. You are His and He loves us no matter what. The King of Kings created you perfectly in His eyes, and that is all that matters.

Who cares if the world thinks you are not good enough if God says we are perfect for the job? Who cares if society says you aren’t beautiful if our Savior says we are perfect? It does not matter what the world thinks, it only matters what our Creator says about us.

Yet, it’s so easy to say this, but not so easy to live by. It’s easy to believe we are beautiful when we are in our room with no one around. The moment we step out of our door, we start comparing ourselves to others and forget that God says we are beautiful. God says that He created us just as we are for a reason. He made us perfectly. He made us unique and beautiful.

I hope that as this week goes on that you remember that you are beautiful! The Lord created you perfectly in His eyes. No matter what the world tries to tell you, you will always be beautiful and perfectly made in God’s eyes!

See ya next time beautiful people,


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