Have you ever wondered why Christians do what they do? The answer is simple: Jesus came and gave His everything. What does that mean though? We sang a hymn at my church the other day that I’ve heard countless times throughout my life, “That’s Why We Praise Him.” This song perfectly describes why Christian’s do what they do and why it is so important that we praise God.


All of my life, I’ve been told, “If the Bible says it, that’s what we are going to do.” Even though I always agreed with this statement, I sometimes wondered, “Why?” At some point in your life, I am sure you have wondered the same. If you haven’t yet, there will most likely be a time where you will. These things are some things that I have questioned in my walk with Christ and I am sure there are a few you have asked too:

Why do I need to serve God and worship Him?

Why do I pray and read the Bible?

Honestly, why do Christians do what we do?

There is one simple answer to all of these questions: Because Jesus gave His everything. 


Why did Jesus feel the need to leave His perfect throne in glory where there were no struggles, no pain, and nothing difficult to come to this earth? He came to this earth where He endured struggles and yet, He remained perfect. People hated Him, spit at Him, and finally, crucified Him on the cross. Why did He leave His perfect throne to come to this earth? So that He could forgive us, the people who spit at Him and called Him names, of our sins and offer us a place in Heaven with Him. That’s how much He loves us. 

“He came to live, live a perfect life

He came to be the Living Word, our Light

He came to die, so we’d be reconciled

He came to rise to show His power and might

“He came to live, live again in us

He came to be our conquering King and Friend

He came to heal & show the lost ones His love

He came to go prepare a place for us”

"That's Why We Praise Him"

Jesus "came to heal and show the lost one's his love"

Throughout His life here on earth, Jesus performed many miracles and saved many people. For instance, He made the lame walk, gave the blind eyes to see, and made the dumb speak. Jesus brought Lazarus (among many others) back to life. Jesus went out of His way to care for people. He cleansed the lepers no one would even go near. He drew out unclean spirits from people on the streets. Here on earth, Jesus healed and loved those who were lost. 

Jesus didn’t just come to heal and love people while He was on earth though. He still does that. Jesus still heals the sick, the broken hearted, and the one caring heavy burdens of guilt and shame. He still loves those who are lost, feel forgotten, or alone. Jesus’ love didn’t end when He ascended into Heaven. Jesus still does what He came to do. He still loves and shows lost ones His love. 

Jesus "came to die so we'd be reconciled"

Can you imagine leaving a perfect place where you are comfortable to come to a place full of pain just to endure the pain of death on a cross? Can you imagine living for over thirty years knowing that you are going to brutally beaten at the end of it? I wouldn’t want to leave that perfect throne. Yet, Jesus did it anyway. 

He came down to earth to die on the cross so that you and I could have life. Jesus didn’t want us to have to pay the price for our mistakes. He wanted us to have life forever. Even though we disobeyed Him, even though we called Him names, even though we didn’t serve and worship Him like we were supposed to, Jesus still loved us enough to pay the price of our sin in its entirety. He loves you that much. I promise you, there is not a person on earth that loves you like Jesus does. He literally died, with nails hit into His hands and into His feet, hung on a cross, naked in front of a crowd of people, and having a crown of thorns shoved onto His head, piercing His skin, so that you could be reconciled.

Jesus "came to rise, to show his power and might"

Jesus didn’t just come to die though. His life and sacrifice didn’t just end on the cross. Instead, Jesus decided that He would beat death once and for all by resurrecting. Jesus came so that He could show how much power He holds. If Jesus can come back to life after laying, dead, in a tomb for three days, I am pretty sure that he can do anything. He came to this earth to prove that, yes, God can do anything. 

Jesus "came to go prepare a place for us"

Forgiving our sins wasn’t enough for God. He wanted to give us even more grace. Through the death and ressurection of Jesus, God offers us eternal life. What is eternal life? It’s a life in Heaven forever. One day, your life here on earth will come to an end. Where you go after that, well that’s up to you. Jesus came to earth to offer you an option other than death. He came to offer you a home in heaven. A perfect place where their is no pain, no fear, where you can see Jesus face to face. All you have to do to book that place in heaven is accept Jesus as your Savior. Guess what? It’s free! Jesus came to prepare a free place in heaven just for you. 


“That’s why we praise Him, that’s why we sing

That’s why we offer Him our everything

That’s why we bow down and worship this King

‘Cause He gave His everything”

"That's Why We Praise Him"

If you have ever wondered why Christians do what we do, it’s simply because Jesus gave us his everything so we should give Him our everything too. 

I hope this post was an encouragement for you, yet also a challenge. Because of His sacrifice, Jesus deserves your everything. So this week, I pray that you give Him that. Give Him the glory in everything that you do. Spend time with Him. Make Him the Lord of your life. As you go throughout this week and spend time praising God, I pray that you are reminded just why you do it! 

See ya next time beautiful people! 


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