I want to ask you a question, who is your leader? Do you like to take controls or follow along?

"I lead - you follow."

Bo Peep, Toy Story 4

I have found that some people are great leaders while others are great followers. Some people are great leaders and great followers.

This weekend, my cousins and I built two scarecrows for my grandmas garden. To make the building more fun, my grandpa split all of us into two teams. Each team had a leader that my grandpa chose. It just so happened that he chose the younger kids to take charge instead of us older ones.

By doing this, my grandpa wanted to teach us a lesson. He wanted to show us that we can’t always be the leader and we don’t need to be. We just need to be the follower. It was kind of difficult for the older kids to not take over. We did not always agree with what the leader wanted to build. There were times that I had to step back and remember that I was not the leader, I was the follower.


I think that’s how it is with our relationship with God. We sometimes try to take over and become the leader of our life. This works for a little bit, but then we hit a dead end and we don’t know where to go. We then look to God for direction and he will give it. We basically give him the lead for a little bit to get us back on track. After a little while, we tend to take our own path again. We take the lead and wait until we get stuck to call on God. He then rescues us and the circle begins again.

This is not what God wants. He wants to be in total control of your life all the time. He does not want to be the passenger or the follower. God wants to be the one in control. I don’t know about you, but I think He deserves to be the leader of my life. God does know what the future holds, so He will lead me in the right direction.


As hard as life becomes, we must take a step back and find out who the true leader of our life is. Are we looking to society to find out where to go? Are we looking to ourselves? No matter who it is, if God’s not the leader of our life, we will fail. Life will become messed up because we can’t live this life alone. God did not create us to control our lives, He created us to follow Him.

I pray that this week you will figure out who your leader is and give that position back to God. He deserves it!

See ya next time beautiful people,


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