Sometimes in life, we completely forget that all of the things we have in life are a privilege. We sort of expect it and forget to remember how fortunate we really are.

“I’d give anything to be loved the way you have.” 

Toy Story 4

Do you ever start doing something because you see other people doing it? Maybe you stop doing something because it’s not what is considered “cool.” I know that I fall into the trap of society every day of my life. As much as I don’t want to believe it, I constantly put on an outfit and think about what other people are going to say about me. Do they think it’s cute, comfortable, ugly, or maybe even just not “cool?”

More times than not, I forget that having so many clothes is a privilege. I forget that there are people even in my community that only have a few pairs of clothes. I forget how fortunate I really am. 

Society causes us to think that we don’t have enough even though there are people all around us who would give anything to have what we have. I am talking physically, spiritually, and mentally. Some people are physically incapable of going to work. Many of those people would love to have the job that you are complaining about driving to.

There is always someone who would give anything to be in your place. When you are complaining about having to run walls in basketball practice, remember those people that want to run those walls, but they can’t. When you get mad at your children because they won’t listen, remember those people who would give anything to have a child to love on.

This week, I challenge you to think outside the box of society. Remember the person who would love to have what you have. 

See ya next time beautiful people, 


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