Trust in the Lord. That is a phrase that we hear quite often in our daily lives. When we are hurting, "Trust in the Lord." When we are worried, "Trust in the Lord." When we are discouraged, "Trust in the Lord." In almost every situation, the advice we receive is to "Trust in the Lord." People seem to say it like it is so easy. After all, "that is all you have to do." Personally though, I find it to be a challenge to fully put my trust in the Lord.

So often I find myself doubting the future, wondering how it could possibly work out. I say I know God has a plan, but I have this small voice in my head that tells me otherwise. This voice that tells me that God is not as good, strong, and faithful as He says He is. This voice that tells me that there will not be beauty from this chaos. This voice that tells me there is no big, bright, beautiful future.

This voice has a name: doubt.

Have you heard it before?

In order to defeat this voice of doubt, we must replace it with the truth of scripture. We must remind ourselves that God is all-knowing, His plans are good and He is faithful.

God is an All-knowing God

The first truth you must understand is that God is an all-knowing God. Nothing surprises Him.

"Lord, you have searched me and known me. You know when I sit down and when I stand up; you understand my thoughts from far away. You observe my travels and my rest; you are aware of all my ways. Before a word is on my tongue, you know all about it, Lord."

Psalm 139:1-4

God's Plan is ultimately good

Second, remind yourself that God's plan is ultimately good. Will there be struggles along the way? Yes. Will there be moments that are not good? Yes. In the end though, if you are a called child of God and living in His will, all things will work out for good.

"And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose."

Psalm 139:1-4

God is faithful

Take a moment and look back upon your life. Has there ever been a moment where God has failed you? There may have been times when life did not go your way, or prayers were not answered the way you wanted, but I can promise you, God never fails. He never has, and He never will.

"Understand, therefore, that the Lord your God is indeed God. He is the faithful God who keeps his covenant for a thousand generations and lavishes his unfailing love on those who love him and obey his commands."

Deuteronomy 7:9

Defeat doubt

I know that it is easy to quote these scriptures listed above, but I pray that you find the strength to wholeheartedly believe them. How do you do this, though? The best way is to grow your relationship with God. Spend time with Him, read His Word, and talk to Him. If you really want to trust someone, you need to get to know them and understand how they work. The more you get to know God, the easier it will be to trust Him.

Find a group of friends who you can grow in Christ together with. Having a community of like-minded believers that can lift you up and point you back to Christ when you are doubting is so important and life changing.

Unfortunately, doubt is a part of being human and that does not ever magically go away. So, when you are faced with an opportunity to doubt, I pray that you choose to trust the Lord. I don’t know what your future holds, and neither do you, but God does. He has a plan and it is up to you to choose to trust Him.

See ya next time beautiful people!


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